Techwear Futuristic Kimono

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Size(cm | in) Chest Shoulders Length
M 124 | 48.8 68 | 26.7
75 | 29.5
L 128 | 50.4 69 | 27.2
76 | 29.9
XL 132 | 52
71 | 27.5
77 | 30.3

The Epochal Kimono: Traditional Essence with a Modern Pulse

Introducing the Epochal Kimono: where the age-old wisdom of the past is interlaced with the dynamic flair of the contemporary world. Crafted for the avant-garde souls who appreciate cultural depth, this kimono epitomizes the melding of authentic charm with futuristic undertones.

If you resonate with a fashion narrative that respects heritage while eagerly awaiting what's next, this kimono awaits your embrace. Experience fashion that's timeless in its appeal and progressive in its spirit.

Every inch of the Epochal Kimono speaks of meticulous craftsmanship. Using state-of-the-art fabric technologies, we've ensured it caters to the needs of today's world, offering both form and function. Beyond its captivating aesthetic, it boasts attributes like pollutant resistance and smart temperature management. The intricate patterns, which draw inspiration from the rhythmic cadences of traditional designs and the sleek silhouettes of modern attire, come alive on this unique textile.

  • Techwear kimono: This techwear kimono is perfect to complete your techwear outfits.
  • Inspiration: Techwear, ninja, futuristic.
  • Premium material: Polyester, cotton
  • Women's techwear and men's techwear.
  • Machine-washable: 86 °F / 30 °C
  • Free worldwide shipping.