techwear shoes

Techwear shoes

What are techwear shoes?

Techwear shoes refers to footwear made with technical materials. From classic sneakers with contemporary technologies, to Gore-Tex® hiking boots, to formal shoes with cushioning. These shoes perfectly combine performance and design.

What are the different styles of techwear shoes?

Techwear shoes are no exception to the rule of the variety of models available with very different styles. So you can find the pair of techwear shoes that suits you perfectly, whether from a functional or design point of view.

Techwear sneakers

Without a doubt, the style most appreciated by all. In recent years, the use of shoes initially designed for sports has expanded, not to say democratized, in the city and more generally in any urban setting we seek comfort and aesthetics of shoes with an emerging trend for sneakers.

Derivative styles have emerged, starting with techwear, which is really becoming a new standard thanks to the influence of major equipment manufacturers such as Nike and adidas.

techwear sneakers

Techwear boots

Previously reserved for the goth or metal scene, these models are appearing more and more in many outfits of all styles. This is particularly the case of techwear, which has appropriated the military shoe for an assertive style, halfway between darkwear and functionality, characteristic of techwear.

In this category, there are mainly two emblematic models of the techwear culture: the cyberpunk boots, with an extravagant design, the combat boots, inspired by military shoes.

It is a type of shoe that is characterized by its high shaft, its toe cap (leather or steel reinforcement at the level of the toes), a sole generally made of rubber and lacing with eyelets then buckles. On some models, such as the rangers, there are real buckles or zips over the lacing guarantors.

It's super comfortable to wear with a techwear cargo pants to boost your outfit with a military touch. If you are looking for a warcore style, you should definitely adopt combat boots.

techwear combat boots

Characteristics of techwear shoes

The essence of techwear is reflected in the sneakers, with models always more aesthetic straight out of the future, and a technology always more advanced. Here are some characteristics of techwear shoes:


This may seem trivial, but it is! What could be more comfortable than shoes made from breathable materials to keep you comfortable every day? The breathable techwear shoes have the advantage of allowing an optimal ventilation of your shoes, while preserving a good resistance in case of rain with a water-repellent material which will allow you to keep your favorite shoes on your feet, even in case of small rain.

Waterproof techwear shoes

Made from technical materials, waterproof techwear shoes give you the ultimate resistance to rain. A perfect complement to your techwear hardshell jacket, to protect you from the elements.

Reinforced sole

Whether you're walking the city streets or treading the wilderness, a reinforced sole is always a good thing. It's a must-have technology for those who walk long distances during the day or stand for long periods of time.
The reinforced sole is based on a technology that absorbs vibrations as you walk and provides additional comfort in everyday life.

How to wear techwear shoes?

Shoes are an integral part of your techwear style. Match your shoes to your desired style. For an urban look, go for sneakers with black techwear joggers and a cobra belt. This outfit will make you an urban ninja with a slim silhouette, a comfortable style while maintaining great mobility.

For a grunge or warcore look, opt for black combat boots with cargo pants and a black hoodie. A darkwear inspired military style that will delight fans

Affordable techwear shoes

Techwear shoes, especially sneakers, are a real success. Many well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas (to name but a few) offer models with cutting-edge technology and futuristic design. However, if you want to buy one of these models, you will have to spend hundreds of dollars to acquire a pair. Some models can even exceed $500, like the Nike presto, designed in collaboration with Acronym, the precursor of techwear.

acronym shoes

Other lesser known alternatives exist, with slightly less advanced technological materials, but equally original designs. Something to perfect your techwear outfit from head to toe! Here is our selection of the best techwear shoes.