techwear vest

Techwear vest

What is a techwear vest?

Inspired by the military tactical vest, techwear has reinvented this military gear into a useful and practical everyday vest. Originally used to store magazines and ammunition, the techwear vest allows you to carry all your personal belongings on a daily basis while adding a military and original touch to your style.

Made of premium nylon, with straps, it has zippered pockets in the front. Similar chest harnesses can be found in army surplus, with much larger capacities. The more robust ones are designed to hold up to four high-capacity semi-automatic pistol magazines, two pistol magazines, portable radios, and they include various "general purpose" pockets.

Its great advantage is that it can maximize its storage capacity regardless of what you are wearing. Thanks to its many pockets, you can store everything you need: phone, wallet, lighter etc.

techwear tactical vest

How to wear a techwear vest?

The techwear fashion vest is easily worn over a sweatshirt, t-shirt, or under a coat. It's the perfect techwear accessory to add a tactical dimension and apocalyptic look to your outfit. If you're looking to achieve a warcore look, this is definitely a must-have in addition to your combat boots.

The Techwear tactical vest is above all a functional garment. Its many pockets, extremely practical, are arranged on the front and back of the vest. Ideal for storing cell phones, keys, credit cards or other daily essentials. The lightweight tactical vests can also be worn under a hoodie for total discretion.

In addition to the many easily accessible pockets, the sleeveless techwear vest is an essential tactical garment in a warrior outfit. So it will make a perfect accessory for those looking to make a warciore cosplay. By its military inspiration, the warcore movement puts forward the tactical side, a very dark style and a survivalist side. Fans of tactical equipment and other dystopian universes will be delighted.

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Affordable techwear vest

If you are looking for urban clothing strongly inspired by military dress codes and bulletproof vest, here is our selection of the best techwear vests at affordable price.