What is techwear?

Techwear or technological clothing is one of the most fashionable clothing trends at the moment. It is made of technical fabrics like GORE-TEX, and mainly inspired by cyberpunk and urban fashion to produce avant-garde clothing.
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Futuristic clothing

Techwear Fashion

Made of special fabrics, technological clothing, is a kind of clothing that lies between urban fashion and futuristic design. Techwear clothing combines technical and stylish design with pure clothing that is practiced in all situations.


Techwear is made up of two trends, each focusing on one of its fundamental components. The first component is the futuristic and avant-garde aesthetic. The second component is more functional.

This alternative style mixes the pleasant with the useful with unique pieces. Whether you are looking for a 100% original look, or practicality, most techwear perfectly combines the aesthetic and useful aspect.

Indeed, the main characteristic of technical clothing is that they are made from resistant materials, often waterproof and equipped with storage pockets.

This series of clothing is both durable and comfortable. It is inspired by military looks and cyberpunk, and is attractive to both men and women. Waterproof windbreaker, waterproof sneakers or seamless T-shirts, practical clothes and designs.

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Upgrade your style

How to techwear?

If you are looking for techwear clothing, whether it’s for the aesthetic or the functional aspect, you need to understand which elements composed techwear outfits. Here is a guide to jump into techwear with ease and combine the best of techwear aesthetic and functionalities!


Jackets are probably the first garment that comes to your mind when you think of technical clothing. There are two types of techwear jackets: hard shell and soft shell.


Hardshell jackets offer the best protection from the elements and are fully windproof, waterproof and breathable. They provide a versatile, weather-resistant outer layer. Hardshell jackets are popular with outdoor athletes, so they can face the elements with the most versatile protection


Softshell jackets have a lighter coat, often waterproof (DWR), that repels light precipitation, such as snow or drizzle, and are suitable for winter sports. Softshell jackets emphasize comfort with much less protection than hardshells, but will surprise you with the comfort they will bring you.


Mid-layers complement the techwear jacket. It is the link between the hardshell (or softshel)l and the base layer. Mid-layers are hoodies, vests and other long-sleeved sweatshirts made from technical polar materials, stretchy, or super light for example. The particularity of these garments lies in the fact that they are easy to put on and take off. For this, they are often equipped with a zipper system, fast and convenient. This is the perfect garment to keep you warm under your techwear jacket!

Base Layer

It forms the basis of your techwear outfit. Often made of technical, antiperspirant materials, techwear shirts are popular for their aesthetics, as well as their practicality. If you are looking for a very aesthetic techwear style, choose a techwear t-shirt with an urban design. If you're looking for a full functional techwear outfit, choose a lightweight t-shirt made of breathable materials and equipped with extra pockets to carry your belongings.

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Cargo Pants

While jackets are a mainstay of all techwear outfits, techwear pants are also essential to being on the cutting edge of techwear fashion.

Largely inspired by military cargo pants, techwear pants feature a unique, loose-fitting design with plenty of pockets and ribbons to enhance the aesthetic. They are the perfect combination of futuristic aesthetics and utility.

Pants in this segment typically offer a mix of water repellence, breathability, stretch and extra or deep pockets. Some cargo pants have interesting features like a modular system that allows users to add and remove pockets for even more carrying capacity. A must-have for your techwear wardrobe!

Techwear footwear

If you're a fan of sneakers of any kind, you'll love techwear shoes. Without a doubt, one of the most important accessories to finalize your techwear outfit.

These shoes are jewels of technology and style. Choose them as carefully as the rest of your outfit. With a reinforced sole, made of breathable materials, with reflective stripes, techwear shoes perfectly reflect functionality coupled with a clean look.


Beyond the predominantly black clothes, a successful techwear style lies in the details.

Although these are downgraded to backgrounds, they provide interesting techniques that can be combined with everyday clothing.

These include connecting bracelets or military belts with magnetic buckles. As for bags, techwear fashion offers technology bags made of waterproof materials. They can also consist of thermally bonded seams and breathable belts.

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Top 5

Techwear brands

Now that you know more about techwear, you probably want to buy some clothes and accessories to match the techwear! Here are the top 5 techwear brands and their origins.

1. Acronym

Founded in 1994 in Germany, Acronym is a ready-to-wear brand with a particularly strong techwear style. This brand is recognized as one of the precursors of the techwear style. The catalog offers technical pieces with futuristic cuts and unique properties, fully in line with the ninja aesthetic of modern times. The brand breaks the glass between fashion and technology and mixes both disciplines in elegant and functional creations.

2. Nike ACG

The Nike ACG "All Condition Gear" range, initially conceived in 1989 for outdoor activities in mountain environment, is now part of a more urban style, emblematic of the brand. This high-end branch of the brand has the comma is now a pillar of techwear.

3.Stone Island

Stone Island is an Italian brand of technical clothing. Thanks to its rich history and bold choices, Stone Island has set itself apart in techwear fashion. With a focus on researching new materials and innovative techniques, Stone Island goes far beyond waterproof, breathable and durable clothing. Each new collection brings new innovations and features. Its futuristic military style and mysterious aura has won over techwear fans.

4. Damascus

One of the most innovative brands in terms of design. Damascus, founded in 2009, proposed collections inspired by the cyberpunk universe with avant-garde designs worthy of cinema fictions. A dark look that has found its audience through its originality. Made with less advanced technical materials than Acronym or Nike ACG, Damascus has nevertheless found its originality in its aesthetic. Unfortunately, in 2019 the brand has ceased its activity.


This techwear brand is recognizable by its style largely inspired by functional military clothing, the brand describes its clothing as "functional uniforms for the rebels of the urban metropolis". Based in Ukrenia, this is brand offers various technical clothing to enhance your daily outfit.

techwear aesthetic

Techwear aesthetic

Some labels have very interesting approaches because the design of clothes takes precedence over the function. This has allowed the emergence of various techwear styles influenced by various fashion cultures, streetwear, cyberpunk, street goth, to name a few. We have gathered the most popular techwear styles of the moment.

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Military techwear

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Goth techwear

Japanese techwear

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