techwear jacket

Techwear jacket

What is a techwear jacket?

Techwear jackets are hard-wearing garments made from technical materials such as Gore-Tex and other waterproof or windproof fabrics.

Originally, techwear jackets come from the technical mountaineering clothes of the early 70's, with the appearance of the first Gore-Tex® jackets. They were created with the aim of really hiking, of being in the mountains.

Over the years, the range has expanded, both in the technical and technological field and in the models proposed, offering a more urban style.

We must therefore distinguish between the techwear of outdoor brands and "urban techwear" as we understand it here.

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What are the different techwear jackets?

It's been a few years since the terms "Hardshell" and "Softshell" appeared in the techwear vocabulary. "Hardshell" and "Softshell" refer to two broad categories of protective jackets. Before you can even begin to determine which type of jacket is best for you, it's important to understand what's behind the terms "Hardshell" and "Softshell".


A hardshell is a waterproof-breathable protective jacket. It is designed to protect you from bad weather. It offers enhanced protection against rain, snow, hail and wind. The hardshell jacket is worn as the last outer layer of protection. It is also called a third layer.

You should probably look for an hardshell jacket if you:

  • Need a jacket that's 100% waterproof and weather resistant (rain, snow, hail and wind).
  • Don't need to add warmth, to your outfit.
  • You need a jacket that can accompany you throughout the year.


A softshell is a protective jacket with a fleece-like inner surface that provides warmth and an outer surface that has windproof properties. The softshell jacket is not waterproof but simply water-repellent. The softshell can be worn as a mid-layer or as a protective outer layer if the weather is mild but cool. This type of jacket is intended to replace in certain conditions the second layer (which protects from the cold) and third layer (which protects from bad weather).

You should probably look for a softshell jacket if you:

  • You don't use your jacket in harsh weather conditions, but simply run the risk of running into a light rain and a little cool wind
  • You're looking for warmth, comfort and wind protection
  • You need a lighter jacket
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Are all techwear jackets waterproof?

As seen previously, not all techwear jackets are waterproof. They can have water replanting properties without being completely waterproof. Depending on the material the jacket is made of (nylon, gore-tex...), its technical characteristics will change. It is therefore important to choose the jacket that really suits your needs. If you are simply looking for a techwear jacket for aesthetic purpose, the technical characteristics of the jacket will be secondary.

What are technical characteristics of techwear jackets?


The first relevant elements to take into account when talking about techwear jackets is the waterproofness. This is probably one of the most favorite function of these incredible futuristic jacket. Stay dry with the coolest jackets.


What could be better than a garment made of breathable materials to prevent you from sweating. Here again, techwear jackets are remarkable, they allow you to maintain an ideal temperature under your jacket, while allowing the evacuation of excess heat thanks to its technical materials.

Removable hood

What could be more important for a jacket that is supposed to provide a higher level of protection, than a hood. Whether it's to protect you from the rain or simply to assert your urban style, the hood is an essential part of the techwear jacket. Sometimes removable, sometimes adjustable, with an integrated stand-up collar or reflective, techwear jackets guarantee optimal protection with style.

Utility pockets

Nothing replaces the practicality of a jacket pocket. This is especially true when it comes to pulling out your phone faster than your shadow to take a picture. With a pocket accessible on your chest for example, on the sleeve or even in the lower back, techwear jackets have many pockets to take your essentials with you everywhere.

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Where can I buy a techwear jacket?

It all depends on how you want to use your jacket. If you're looking for a techwear jacket to handle the elements, wet climates and rain, you'll need a durable hardshell jacket. For this, we recommend The North Face.

On the other hand, if you're looking for an avant-garde, original aesthetic that will make you look like an urban ninja, you can turn to our techwear jacket collection.

Still looking for the perfect techwear jacket? Here is our selection of urban techwear jackets for a futuristic style!