GT Techwear Backpack

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Black GT Techwear Backpack

Beyond its contemporary and streamlined exterior lies the heart of the GT Techwear Backpack: a blend of design ingenuity and tech integration. The emphasis on clean lines and a neutral palette isn't just for show. It's a symbol of the future of urban carry, underscored by the standout GT emblem.

A Techwear backpack Engineered for City Adventures

Tailored for the rhythm of city life, every fabric choice and design decision for the GT Techwear Backpack has a purpose. Its water-resistant build ensures that sudden showers won't dampen your devices or documents. Additionally, robust stitching promises that this backpack can stand up to the daily hustle.

With compartments tailored for different devices, from a cushioned nook for your laptop to pockets for your phone and accessories, the GT Techwear Backpack thinks ahead, so you don't have to. Moreover, at the core of urban movement is comfort. That's why this backpack boasts ergonomic design features, from straps that balance weight to a breathable back panel. It's about ensuring that, no matter how long your city journey, you're moving with ease

  • Techwear backpack: This techwear backpack is perfect to complete your techwear outfits.
  • Inspirations: Techwear, Urban, Cyberpunk.
  • Premium materials: Polyester and nylon.
  • Features: Laptop pocket (17.3"), adjustable buckles, waterproof, wear-resistant, scratch resistant, large capacity, side pocket
  • Size: 13.8*6.3*20.5 |   35x16x62cm
  • Capacity: 35L