Techwear Don't Hug Me Shirt

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Size(cm | in) Chest Shoulders Length Sleeve
M 114 | 44.8
60  | 23.6
73  | 28.7
20  | 7.9
L 118  | 46.4
62  | 24.4
75  | 29.5
21  | 8.3
XL 122  | 48
64  | 25.2
77  | 30.3
22  | 8.6

"Don't Hug Me" Tee: The Future of Urban Apparel

In the heart of urban fashion, where innovation and statement intersect, the "Don't Hug Me" Tee carves out its unique niche. Beyond its cheeky name, it represents an avant-garde approach to dressing for the city. Aimed at the urban explorer with an edge, this tee serves as the ultimate expression of contemporary identity and style.

Every stitch of the "Don't Hug Me" Tee is an ode to superior craftsmanship. Infused with state-of-the-art urban fabric technology, the shirt assures wearers of unmatched comfort, making it ideal for the hustle and bustle of city life. The shirt’s muted tones are gracefully juxtaposed with the assertive "Don't Hug Me" print, striking the perfect balance between understated elegance and bold assertion.

The true beauty of the "Don't Hug Me" Tee lies in its multifaceted nature. Whether teamed up with distressed jeans for a rugged look or paired with sleek urban joggers, its flair for adaptability is evident. Navigate the urban jungle with confidence, style, and a tee that speaks volumes. Your urban adventure awaits with the "Don't Hug Me" Tee.

  • Techwear t-shirt: This techwear t-shirt is perfect to complete your techwear outfits.
  • Inspirations: Techwear, Ninja, Cyberpunk, Military, Futuristic.
  • Premium materials: Polyester, cotton and spandex. Comfy and durable.
  • Fit: Regular
  • High-tech Aesthetic: Features a futuristic look that aligns with the techwear style and ethos.
  • Unisex Style
  • Machine washable: 30 °C (86 °F)