Techwear Black Goth Skirt

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  • Type: Cargo skirt
  • Design: Techwear
  • Technical dress: This techwear dress is the perfect garment to complete your Techwear outfit.
  • Breathable materials: This techwear dress made of polyester, cotton and spandex can be worn all year round.
  • Machine washable: 30 °C (86 °F)
    Size(cm | in) Waist
    S 68 | 26.8
    96 | 37.8
    M 72 | 28.3
    100 | 39.4
    L 76 | 29.9 104 | 40.9
    XL 82 | 32.3 110 | 43.3
    2XL 88 | 34.6 116 | 45.7

    Elevate Dark Fashion: The Alluring Black Goth Skirt Combo

    Embrace the best of both worlds with the Black Goth Skirt combo. Representing a fusion of timeless gothic beauty with contemporary design principles, this set is poised to become the cornerstone of every modern goth wardrobe. This ensemble is a celebration of the modern gothic spirit, combining the rich history of dark fashion with today's avant-garde design principles.

    The foundation of this attire is the Black Goth Skirt. Drenched in a deep, inky hue, its design captures the ethereal essence of gothic while infusing elements of urban techwear. Each pleat, each flow of the skirt, resonates with a story, a dance between the old-world gothic and the new-age tech aesthetic.

    The power of the ensemble is further magnified by the accompanying top, perfectly matched to resonate with the skirt's dark allure. This duo is not just about aesthetics, but also about offering a harmonized gothic experience. Wearing the Black Goth Skirt set, you are poised to be the cynosure of every gathering.