Techwear Black Cargo Mini Skirt

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  • Type: Cargo skirt
  • Design: Techwear
  • Technical dress: This techwear dress is the perfect garment to complete your Techwear outfit.
  • Breathable materials: This techwear dress made of polyester, cotton and spandex can be worn all year round.
  • Machine washable: 30 °C (86 °F)
    Size(cm | in) Waist
    S 67 | 26.4
    40 | 15.7
    M 71 | 28
    41 | 16.1
    L 75 | 29.5 42 | 16.5

    Elevate Your Wardrobe: Edgy Meets Practical

    Step into a realm where style doesn't sacrifice substance. The Black Cargo Mini Skirt encapsulates the essence of innovative design, merging the rugged charm of cargo patterns with the playful allure of a mini skirt silhouette. An emblem of modern fashion that stands tall amidst trends.

    Smart Storage Meets Chic Appeal

    Gone are the days when skirts were just a style statement. With the Black Cargo Mini Skirt, enjoy the benefits of meticulously crafted pockets that serve dual purposes - making a fashion statement while catering to your storage needs. Because, in today's fast-paced world, efficiency and elegance should go hand in hand.

    The beauty of the Black Cargo Mini Skirt lies in its versatility. From urban explorations to upscale lounges, seamlessly transition between occasions. Whether you're in the mood for stilettos or sneakers, this skirt effortlessly resonates with your style narrative.

    Dare to be different with the Black Cargo Mini Skirt. Immerse yourself in a fashion movement that speaks volumes and lets your individuality shine. With techwear at its finest, step into the future of style.