Baggy Cargo Pants Streetwear

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Size(cm | in) Waist
Length Hip
S 74 | 29.1
98    | 38.6
116  | 45.6
78  | 30.7
100    | 39.4
120  | 47.2
82  | 32.2
102   | 40.1
124  | 48.8

Street-Savvy Baggy Cargo Trousers: Your Urban Wardrobe Essential

Step into the limelight with our Street-Savvy Baggy Cargo Trousers. Merging the spirit of the streets with a touch of avant-garde, these trousers are a modern-day nod to the urban warriors of the metropolis. A perfect amalgamation of style and substance, they offer a fresh perspective on the traditional cargo design.

Our Street-Savvy Baggy Cargo Trousers are more than just a fashion choice; they're an embodiment of street culture. Drawing influences from urban murals, underground music vibes, and city nightscapes, they resonate with the pulse of city life. Whether it's a rooftop party or a casual city stroll, these trousers are designed to sync with your rhythm.

Experience a different facet of urban fashion. The Street-Savvy Baggy Cargo Trousers are not merely attire but a statement of boldness and individuality in the heart of the city. Wear your urban legend with pride.

  • Type: Techwear pants
  • Design: Techwear, streetwear
  • Technical pants: This techwear pants is the perfect garment to complete your Techwear outfit.
  • Premium quality: Reinforced seams, comfortable to wear, soft touch
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Machine washable: 30 °C (86 °F)