techwear pants

Techwear pants

What are techwear pants?

Techwear pants refers to a category of pants made with special fabrics that go beyond the traditional, and cuts that allow maximum mobility. They are inspired by military cargo pants and have many pockets for storage.

In techwear fashion, it's a piece that influences considerably the global comfort of an outfit, as they are often very stretchy and breathable materials. And visually, it is one of the main pieces of your overall outfit.

With its style oscillating between military and streetwear, unlike some basic clothes, it is a piece that will not suit everyone.

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What are the characteristics of the techwear pants?

Technical fabrics

Made of stretchy, breathable or water-repellent fabrics, techwear pants complete your outfit by adding more functionality and utility to face any daily challenge. If the useful features will delight outdoor sports fans, those who appreciate techwear pants for their aesthetics will not be left out.

Indeed, there are also many techwear pants made of more classic materials such as cotton or spandex, which allows you to benefit from techwear pants at a lower price, while maintaining its avant-garde aesthetic. It's also the most versatile fabric: it's not too marked from a style point of view, in addition to being suitable for all seasons. The ideal compromise for an urban techwear style.

Storage pockets

One of the main features of techwear pants is that they have many storage pockets, just like cargo pants.

When choosing your techwear joggers, pay special attention to the pockets. If you are looking for aesthetic tech pants, check the size and position of the pockets, to be sure that the proportions of the whole are harmonious. In other words, avoid having oversized pockets that would totally distort your silhouette.

The size and position of the pockets, depending on whether they are large or not, will make the pants look more military or casual depending on the style you want. The original tech pants have large pockets on each leg. But if you want a more casual techwear style, get a model with thinner pockets.

Also keep in mind that techwear cargo generally results in making your legs visually wider. If you have a round or inverted V shape, it is better to opt for slim-fit tech pants.

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What is the right cut for your techwear pants?

Before you decide on a pair of pants, you need to clarify a few things. First, determine the fit you want based on your taste, your body type, but most importantly, your comfort.

By nature, this type of pants is indeed slightly wide. However, the cut of your techwear pants is really important depending on the style you want to adopt. Not too loose, not too slim-fit. Whether you're looking for a techwear ninja outfit, a futuristic urban look or just to dress in an ultra-comfortable way.

One of the main characteristics of techwear pants is that they are very comfortable to wear, in addition to being practical with their many side pockets. Your cargo pants should not be too tight so as not to restrict your movement or become uncomfortable, nor should they be too loose, in which case they could also get in the way. We must not forget that its primary function is to allow you to take a certain number of things with you, so make sure to get the perfect cut for you to feel comfy.

Then, you can focus on the aesthetics of the pants and its combination with other techwear clothing you already own.

How to wear techwear pants?

As many techwear garments, pulling off a look with cargo pants requires attention to other clothing. 

If the cargo is rather wide, you can play on this relaxed side and wear with a slightly oversized sweater and techwear boots for a dark and urban look.

On the other hand, if your tech pants are relatively straight, opt for a rather slim shirt, a cap and sneakers to get an urban ninja style.

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Affordable techwear pants

In general, technical clothing is synonymous with expensive clothing. Although the famous techwear brand Acronym, and its founder, Errolson Hugh, have democratized techwear by offering innovative pieces with avant-garde design and technical materials, not everyone wants to spend $700 on techwear pants.

However, there are more affordable alternatives that will allow you to adopt the urban ninja style. We have prepared for you a list of the best techwear pants to get, whether for their usefulness, the technical materials with which they are made, or the futuristic aesthetic. You will find various models to adopt a techwear style to your image.