techwear hoodie

Techwear hoodie

What is a techwear hoodie?

Techwear hoodie is one of the most comfortable garments to wear in cold weather. Made of technical fabrics, it is the perfect mid-layer to be worn under your softshell or hardshell jacket. The techwear hoodie can include technologies similar to the piece with which it is associated.

Despite keeping you warm during winter, technical clothing is innovative and focused on functionality. There are hoodies with removable hood, sleeve pockets or a large center pocket on the front of the sweatshirt. The techwear sweater can also have numerous pockets to bring all your essentials with you. It's a must-have garment in your techwear wardrobe to add functionality to your daily outfits.

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Techwear hoodie features


The breathable technical materials allow you to maintain an ideal body temperature in all circumstances, while offering protection in case of rain. Techwear hoodies made from lightweight, breathable fibers allow you to maintain maximum comfort and mobility with their lightweight fabric.

Fleece fabric

The technical materials are obviously part of the constitution of techwear hoodies. As a mid-layer, the hoodie must keep warm whatever the weather. For this, many models are made with Polartec fleece technology, a must in the techwear world, which guarantees to keep the body at the right temperature.


Just like cargo pants or hardshell jackets, techwear hoodies are often equipped with additional storage pockets. Small or large, they allow you to hold all sorts of objects, from your bank card to your phone, thus avoiding the need to carry an extra bag to hold your personal belongings.

Removable hood

What would be a hoodie without a hood! "Techwear" makes sense when it comes to hoodies. Some models offer hoods of all kinds, with a high collar, a double hood, with a visor, and even removable hoods. It is easily removed with snaps or a zipper and easily stored in one of the hoodie's pockets. It's easy to adapt your outfit to your environment in seconds.

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How to wear a techwear hoodie?

The techwear hoodie is a mid-layer, so it's the link between your techwear t-shirt and your softshell or hardshell jacket. However, it can also stand alone over a t-shirt, ideal for mid-season.

The most important selection criteria are: fit, size, hood, pockets and aesthetics. Many models perfectly combine a neat and original techwear aesthetic with the useful function of the hoodie.

In terms of fit, techwear hoodies are often loose fitting and offer great freedom of movement. Techwear hoodies often have a large hood that covers the entire head and gives a cyberpunk look. Depending on the garment model, there may or may not be a stand-up collar for absolute camouflage. In addition, some innovative sweatshirts have a zippered hood.

There are also sweatshirts with removable sleeves or a removable hood to easily adapt to your environment and the weather. A feature greatly appreciated by purists of the functional side of techwear.

As for the size of your sweatshirt, there are classic sizes that stop just below the waist, longer hoods and larger sizes. In general, it is recommended to choose a long or oversized size for a stealthy, ninja and very urban look.

Affordable techwear hoodies

Whether you're staying in or hitting the streets with a full urban outfit, the techwear hoodie is the mid-layer essential for its comfort and the features it adds to your outfit. Not only is it warm and comfortable, but it's also perfect for darkwear style. Check out our selection of the best techwear hoodies